Golf Cars

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We do not rent golf cars to our campers.

If you wish to bring a golf car of your own, we ask that you bring the following:

  • Proof of insurance, preferably associated with the vehicle itself

  • Driver's licenses for anyone who will be operating the vehicle while on the park

Please let us know when you arrive at the office if you have brought a golf car with you, as we need you to complete the Golf Car Policy and get a pass to display on your vehicle while you are on the park.

Don't own a golf car but want one while you're here? Call Beverage Tractor at 540/337-1090. They're right up the road from us and will bring a golf car here for you. If you choose to rent from Beverage, please be aware of the following:

  • All the same rules will apply; you will need to bring proof of auto insurance to our office

  • We will need to see driver's licenses for anyone operating the golf car on the park

  • You will complete and abide by the rules and restrictions in our Golf Car Policy

  • You will display a golf car pass while on the park

  • We will not accept delivery of your golf car from Beverage. Campers who wish to rent golf cars from Beverage must be on-site to accept delivery and when Beverage comes to pick up the car. If they arrive with a golf car and the recipient has not yet checked in, we will refuse delivery.