Extended Stay

We have a small number of sites set aside for people who would like to stay on a month-to-month basis. However, campers interested in an extended stay should be aware that this is a recreational facility, not a residential community.

  • We generally operate on a wait list for extended stay and may not have any sites open at a given time, or during the time period that you are looking to stay with us. Because we rely on our campers to let us know when they're leaving, we may not have any idea when we'll be able to move to the next name on our list. If we place you on the wait list, this does not guarantee you a site on our campground and we do advise that you continue to look for a site elsewhere. The only thing that guarantees you a site is a reservation with a paid deposit.

  • To make a reservation on an extended stay site, we will need you to complete an application and may ask you to submit a photo of your camper to our office. In order to hold your reservation there is a non-refundable $100 deposit. This will be applied to your first month's rent at check-in; however, if you cancel your reservation this deposit will be forfeited. Applications should not be completed until we are sure we can offer you a site and may be filled out in person or emailed to us at office@walnuthillscampground.com.

  • All extended-stay campers will be required to pay a $75 goods and services deposit at check-in. This goes towards your last electric bill and is non-negotiable. Your meter will be read at the end of each month and a power bill will be brought to your camper. This bill must be paid by the 15th. Your electric bill will be calculated based on your usage and will vary from month to month. State law prohibits making a profit from utilities and so we bill our campers at-cost.

  • Campers who are planning to stay longer than a month may wish to pay an optional and refundable $100 future site deposit. This deposit guarantees that we will hold your site for as long as our calendar extends. If you give us 30 days notice that you will be checking out, this deposit will be applied to your last month's rent. This allows us to contact people on our wait list and offer them your site. If you do not pay this deposit, we cannot guarantee your site will be available to you past the end date of your reservation.

  • We ask that all campers who plan to stay longer than one month come to the office towards the end of the first month to meet with the owner(s).

  • As with all our reservations, we will do our best to honor a site request but do not guarantee a specific site; only a specific site type. That means if we offer you an extended-stay site with full hook-up, that's what you will receive; however, we simply cannot honor all site requests, as they will be filled according to availability.

  • All extended-stay sites are reserved on a month-to-month basis. We do not offer permanent, seasonal, or yearly sites. Because of this, any camper who wishes to stay on an extended-stay basis must be able to move their camper on/off the site themself.

  • Extended-stay campers will be asked to read and sign our Monthly Site Agreement at check-in and abide by all the rules therein, as well as all the campground rules listed on the back of our map and this website.

  • Rates for extended-stay sites run between $500 and $525 per month depending upon which site is available. This rate does not include tax or your electric use.