Campsgiving 2019

what is it?

A chance to add a second, consecutive night for a donation to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank.

when is it?

For reservations occuring between November 17, 2018 and March 31, 2019.

how do i do it?

Make a reservation for two nights at our campground. Bring one of the following to pay for your second night:

  • A paper grocery bag filled with non-perishable food items. For a guide on what to bring, click here.

  • A check for $25 (or more!) made out to "Blue Ridge Area Food Bank." Feel free to put Walnut Hills - Campsgiving on the memo line.

  • $25 or more in cash for us to put in our donation box.

why would I want to do this?

Aside from a second night of camping? Because food insecurity is a real, serious problem that often gets ignored outside of massive drives around Thanksgiving or Christmas. This is a chance to do something to help our local community.

There's more information about the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank here.

Can i still use my good sam/weekly discount?

While we appreciate your donation to the Food Bank, this is still considered a discount, and therefore we cannot apply a Good Sam, weekly, or other discount should you choose to leave a donation.