Winterizing the Park

November is here, as well as freezing temperatures.

This means that we are shutting down parts of the park earlier than anticipated. Tonight, for example, will be in the low 20s overnight. This means that some of our deluxe cabins will no longer have water service and will be unavailable until spring of 2019 (DK4 - DK7 and The Hideaway). We’re also closing down sites 1 - 33 and 89 - 98. You may still camp on these sites, but you’ll have to make your reservation over the phone and, if you want water, fill your fresh water tank on another site.

Our honey wagon has been winterized as well, so you won’t be able to schedule a pump-out until it comes back into operation in the spring of 2019. You will need to either book a site with sewer or use the dump station on your way out.

Finally, it also means that you’ll need to fill your fresh water tank and then disconnect your hose for the night.

Sometimes campers will purchase a heated hose to keep it from freezing; this is a neat invention and will help keep your hose from freezing, but we still ask that you disconnect your hose from the hydrant from the night to prevent the hydrant from freezing (simply turning the water off won’t allow the pipe to drain).

When water freezes, it expands. This can cause the hydrant to crack. Each burst hydrant can cost more than $200 just in parts to repair, and that doesn’t include the labor, or the fact that trying to replace a metal hydrant in frozen earth is a miserable endeavor.

Please do us all a favor and be sure to run on your fresh water tank until the weather stays above freezing at night (likely sometime in the spring).