Why leave your firewood at home?

I just had an interesting phone call with a camper who understands that we ask you folks not to bring firewood on the park and has heard of the pests we are trying to avoid but was hopeful that we would allow them to bring it because they'll be traveling from within the state of Virginia.

The answer, unfortunately, is no.

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services actually has our area under a firewood ban, meaning that no wood is to be brought into our part of the state from other areas, including regions within Virginia. This rule is in place due to the European Gypsy Moth quarantine, but there are numerous other insects and diseases that can be transported on your wood of which you might not be aware. 

If you bring wood into the state and national parks, it'll be confiscated and you might be fined. Compared to that, I think asking you simply not to bring it is pretty simple.

We do have firewood available for sale in our store and we don't charge much for what you get (and we deliver!). But please, leave your own wood at home, where it belongs, even if you're just driving up the road.