Please don't stream

When we check you in, one of the things we'll highlight is our new and improved wi-fi system. It really is blazing fast now, which means you may be tempted to try to stream television shows or movies.

Please don't.

  1. Despite how fast our wi-fi seems, we are still working with limited bandwith. Even if you're able to get your favorite television show to stream, you are likely keeping other users from being able to do something basic, like check their email, get directions to local establishments, or share photos of their trip with all their friends on Facebook. These are the kinds of tasks our wi-fi is designed for, not streaming video.
  2. Even Skype - which might seem fairly innocuous - can have this effect on our wi-fi system.
  3. If you do something illegal - say, stream a very popular television program via BitTorrent - there are real-world, legal repercussions. Even if you stream media illegally elsewhere, please refrain from doing so while on the park.