Early Check-Ins

So, the time has come to talk about early check-ins. An early check-in is when a camper arrives between 9am and 1pm (3pm for cabins)*.

Since we purchased the park in 2013, we have stopped guaranteeing early early check-ins until the morning of arrival, in order to better serve the campers who are already on the park.

When you book a site with us, we enter into an agreement with you. We're promising you a site configuration (pull-through, back-in, or pull-in) and a certain set of hook-ups (electric, water, cable, and/or sewer). But we're also promising you that this site will be available to you for a specific amount of time - 1pm on your date of arrival to 12pm on the date of check-out. During those hours, the site is yours and we will not put anyone else on it. We make the same promise to all our campers.

This means that we can't tell you for sure if that site will be available to you early until the day you are due to arrive. It also means that we don't know when the previous camper will leave - and since they have paid for the site until 12pm, we will not inquire when they plan to leave before that time.

So let's say you call ahead, the site is open, and we tell you that you can arrive early. One thing you should expect is an early check-in fee of $10. We charge this because you're spending more time at the park. That's great! You're getting to swim in the pool, play disc golf and GaGa ball, fish in the lake, ride the Terrainables, watch your kids frolic at the playground, and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere. We're happy for you to be able to do that when the site is open. But we also have to make sure your site is clean and ready for you, and you are still using our facilities.

We're not doing it to be bad guys, just as we're not trying to be frustrate you if you arrive early and we have to ask you to return after check-in. We're doing the best we can to get you into the park so you can have a good time.

Happy camping!



*Anyone who plans to arrive before 9am should book their site for the night before or change their plans to arrive later in the day.