We've got a new site!

Since you're here, you've probably noticed some other new things about our site, like the fact that it's been re-designed and looks fantastic! Many thanks to Brian Rimel for our amazing new look!

What else has changed around our park that you might not have realized? How about the fact that we're now serving our campers better with a brand-new honey wagon? You can speak with one of our friendly front-desk staffers to set up a visit by the honey wagon and someone will come by promptly at your appointment time to empty your tanks. Your cost? Only $15. With the savings you'll make staying on a site without sewer, that $15 is a drop in the bucket, right?

Or, what about the new electric boxes we've installed in our Grove? No more sharing inconveniently-placed hook-ups far from your site (even if that was a good way to get to know your neighbors!).

Or our improved wi-fi service? Comcast has finally strung their lines into the park, so gone are the pitiful two T-1 lines that were all the internet service we could get for the last three years. We're still in the process of installing upgraded repeaters around the park, and you probably won't be able to stream movies any time soon, but you'll sure reap the benefits of being able to do more online while you camp.

We'll keep you informed here as we do more to make your stay the best. Enjoy! :)