Winterizing the Park

November is here, as well as freezing temperatures.

This means that we are shutting down parts of the park earlier than anticipated. Tonight, for example, will be in the low 20s overnight. This means that some of our deluxe cabins will no longer have water service and will be unavailable until spring of 2019 (DK4 - DK7 and The Hideaway). We’re also closing down sites 1 - 33 and 89 - 98. You may still camp on these sites, but you’ll have to make your reservation over the phone and, if you want water, fill your fresh water tank on another site.

Our honey wagon has been winterized as well, so you won’t be able to schedule a pump-out until it comes back into operation in the spring of 2019. You will need to either book a site with sewer or use the dump station on your way out.

Finally, it also means that you’ll need to fill your fresh water tank and then disconnect your hose for the night.

Sometimes campers will purchase a heated hose to keep it from freezing; this is a neat invention and will help keep your hose from freezing, but we still ask that you disconnect your hose from the hydrant from the night to prevent the hydrant from freezing (simply turning the water off won’t allow the pipe to drain).

When water freezes, it expands. This can cause the hydrant to crack. Each burst hydrant can cost more than $200 just in parts to repair, and that doesn’t include the labor, or the fact that trying to replace a metal hydrant in frozen earth is a miserable endeavor.

Please do us all a favor and be sure to run on your fresh water tank until the weather stays above freezing at night (likely sometime in the spring).

Halloween Schedule


7:30pm – Family Movie Night on channel 9.0

Unwind after a long day of travel in your RV or cabin with a showing of Hocus Pocus (PG) on our park channel #9.0



8:00am – Magic Pumpkin Patch

If you bought and planted your seeds on Friday, your pumpkin will have reached its full size by now! Come pick it up so that you can participate in the pumpkin painting contest later today.

11:30am – 1:30pm Pumpkin Painting at the Pavilion

Come down to paint your magic pumpkin. Judging will be at 1pm, and best pumpkin wins a prize! Winners to be announced at the costume party later today.

1:00pm – Storytime at the Pumpkin Patch

If the weather is nice, Tina will be reading the poem, Little Orphan Annie, outside at the pumpkin patch.

1:30pm – “Hey” Ride at Playground

Meet up with Mitch at the playground for the family wagon ride. There will be NO SCARES on this ride around the campground, so it’ll be perfect for the youngest kids, those who don’t want to be frightened, or campers who just want to see the sights.

2:00pm – Site Decorating Contest

We hope your decorations are up, because our judges will be going around to find the winners of our site decorating contest.  We’ll announce the winners later at the costume party.

3:00pm – Costume Party at the Pavilion

Put on your costumes and join Erika at the pavilion to find out who won the decorating contest, the pumpkin painting contest, and the costume contest.

4:30pm – 6:00 Trick or Treating Park-wide

Trick-or-Treating starts now! Visit sites that have a sign out from our office to see what tricks or treats are in store for you. Be sure to wear your costume!

7:30pm – Haunted Wagon Ride at the Playground

The haunted hayride will pick up the bravest campers at the playground. Be ready for thrills and after the sun goes down.  

*A portion of this ride may be on foot, so wear comfortable shoes.

7:30pm – Cider Social at the Pavilion

Take a minute to stop by the pavilion to meet the owners and share a cup of hot cider and a pumpkin treat.  (Donations to KOA Care Camps are appreciated.)


RVing Rocks! found at Staunton/Walnut Hills KOA

We've been discovering some fun surprises around the park - rocks painted by other campers to look like camping scenes, landscapes, fruit, and more! On the back/bottom of each, they say to post to the RVing Rocks! group on Facebook.

So, of course I had to take a peek and find out what this is about. Turns out there are more than 4,000 campers out there in this group, leaving these fun surprises at RV parks all across the country. When you find it, you're supposed to take a photo, post it to their group, and maybe the person who made it or left it will comment (which is what happened to me).

If you find one on our park, please let us know! We'd love to get a picture of it, too.

Early Check-Ins

Early Check-Ins

When you book a site with us, we enter into an agreement with you. We're promising you a site configuration (pull-through, back-in, or pull-in) and a certain set of hook-ups (electric, water, cable, and/or sewer). But we're also promising you that this site will be available to you for a specific amount of time - 1pm on your date of arrival to 12pm on the date of check-out. During those hours, the site is yours and we will not put anyone else on it. We make the same promise to all our campers.

We're Hiring!

2017 is kicking off with a bang! We're much busier than anticipated (and what a great problem to have, right?) and we're seeking housekeepers, front desk clerks, and a utility worker to help out with light maintenance around our park.

These positions are seasonal, which means they all pretty much end in November, but in the meantime we try to create a fun atmosphere. Our campers are friendly, the work can be a lot of fun, and there's nothing that quite beats driving around in the golf car in the evening, delivering wood and looking at all the campfires burning.

Visit our employment page for more information.

Why leave your firewood at home?

I just had an interesting phone call with a camper who understands that we ask you folks not to bring firewood on the park and has heard of the pests we are trying to avoid but was hopeful that we would allow them to bring it because they'll be traveling from within the state of Virginia.

The answer, unfortunately, is no.

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services actually has our area under a firewood ban, meaning that no wood is to be brought into our part of the state from other areas, including regions within Virginia. This rule is in place due to the European Gypsy Moth quarantine, but there are numerous other insects and diseases that can be transported on your wood of which you might not be aware. 

If you bring wood into the state and national parks, it'll be confiscated and you might be fined. Compared to that, I think asking you simply not to bring it is pretty simple.

We do have firewood available for sale in our store and we don't charge much for what you get (and we deliver!). But please, leave your own wood at home, where it belongs, even if you're just driving up the road.

We've got a new site!

We've got a new site!

What else has changed around our park that you might not have realized? How about the fact that we're now serving our campers better with a brand-new honey wagon? You can speak with one of our friendly front-desk staffers to set up a visit by the honey wagon and someone will come by promptly at your appointment time to empty your tanks. Your cost? Only $15. With the savings you'll make staying on a site without sewer, that $15 is a drop in the bucket, right?